Say Goodbye to Plastic!

The shores of this Australian beach are full of garbage and most of it is plastic one-use containers. Water bottles, boxes, cups, lids, and straws that originated from the manufacturer, shipped to your restaurant, unpacked, then distributed out to patrons saturate our coastlines. While individuals can impact change through multi-use canteens and containers, why not contribute to a healthier planet on the restaurant level? 

Take the Green Restaurant pledge and illustrate that your food is made with love and commitment to a cleaner coast. In going green, you are telling the world that you are relevant, you're listening, and you care. 

Quit Riding the Wave

Waves of trash are also riddling the United States. Extending from the Pacific coasts of California to the lakes and rivers in the North and over to the Atlantic harbors near DC, our water bodies are being overrun with plastic.